Q & A:

1. What is getting a thermal scan like?

Many women are apprehensive about getting a thermal scan, let me help you understand just a bit more about the process

Receiving a Thermal Scan is much easier than a mammogram, really it is no different than having your photo taken, only the camera detects heat rather than light.

You will come into a beautiful clinic with a comfortable waiting room.  After a little paperwork you will be brought into a pleasant carpeted imaging room with artwork, comfortable chairs and nice music.  After 10 minutes of acclimating to the room temperature you will stand in front of the camera and have photos taken of your breasts from a few different angles, and that is it.

In two weeks you will receive a detailed report from one of the very top doctors in the world for thermal image interpretation, Dr. William Amalu (see about us page).  This report you can share with your primary care doctor, though we do encourage you to seek out a doctor that is familiar with natural therapies and preventative treatments as medical doctors have no training in these areas whatsoever.  

2. Is Thermal Imaging Covered by Insurance?

         Not yet.  Thermal Imaging is a breakthrough technology which we expect will end up completely replacing mammogram as the dangers and unreliability of mammograms are becoming more and more known.  It won't replace structural imaging (technologies that look for structures (tumors) in the breast- like MRI or Ultrasound) but it will be THE technology for early detection of irregular developments in the breasts of angiogenisis, the precursor to cancer.    Massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic are now covered by insurance yet were fiercely rejected for decades before adoption, thermal imaging is making inroads towards this outcome.


3. If my scan shows irregularities, what do I do?

Of course in the first instance that is entriely up to you, we are only an imaging clinic and do not offer any medical advice whatsoever, except to seek out proper medical advice.  Many medical doctors have never seen a thermal image and may not be comfortable trying to make sense of them which is why you recieve a doctor interpreted report from Vital Thermal Imaging after your scan.  Many doctors have told us that they have no idea what to do with a patient with an abnormal thermal scan who doesn't have cancer yet.  They know what to do once someone does have cancer, but know nothing about prevantive therapies, diets, supplements, exercises, or healing.  Today, more and more doctors have sought out more training in natural therapies to augment their medical studies so they can begin prsenting to their patients helpful real knowlwedge about preventing and reverseing disease processes in the body.  These kinds of doctors are often called integrative medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, holistic medical doctors, complimentary medicine doctors.